Objects and interior spaces that exude a sense of relaxation, tactile engagement, and intrinsic warmth intrigue me.  A driving motivation in my artwork is to celebrate the humble, elevate the familiar, and applaud compositional restraint.  Aesthetically, I am most attracted to simplistic horizon lines, patterns, and uncluttered composition.  Objects of comfort are respected for the symbolic value of well-being and relaxation. I work with traditional oil paint yet at times incorporate textures and natural fibers. Repetition and patterns inspired from nature connect me to my upbringing in Maine, as I constantly try to connect to the natural world. I believe that creating art is good for your soul, and I hope to inspire others to find their artistic expression.  Understated and unassuming objects captivate me, and I view them as profoundly meaningful to a healthy human experience. My artistic process explores balance, tension, and unexpected results.  Conceptually, I use my art to explore the notion of human comfort and the tangible benefits of simplistic self-awareness and quiet rest.